On-site Procurement

JRH provides small business procurement and competitive sourcing services to various government and OEM customers.

For over 10 years, JRH has provided both on-site and off-site procurement services for aerospace and defense contractors and the US government. Our specialized service includes competitive procurement of electronics, electrical components, hardware, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, connectors, wire braid, diodes, ex circuits, switches, backshells, heat- shrinkable sleeving, encoders, transistors, power supplies, ash chips, potentiometers, radio components, electronic sub- assemblies, receivers, semiconductors, GPS components, terminal blocks, antennas, inertial measurement units, fuses, relays, transducers, switches, power-cables, oscilloscopes, wire and cable, consumables, COTS items and more. Our contract service provides competitive procurement from hundreds of registered suppliers, quality assurance and contract compliance, rapid order processing, and document retention.

Value-Added Services

In addition to the industry-leading product lines, JRH offers essential value-added services tailored to your most demanding needs, including:

Custom connector, switch and cable assembly

Long-term agreements and contracts

Expert technical support and design assistance

Government packaging, bar-coding and RFID tagging

Sourcing of hard to locate parts

Strategic on-site partnerships

Detailed source inspections


Mil-Spec Products

JRH Electronics specializes in providing high quality, mission critical Mil-Spec and QPL-certified electronics designed to meet the demanding physical and environmental requirements of today's warfighter.
Mil-Spec Products
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