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Interconnect Cable Assembly Tools

Glenair addresses interconnect system assembly needs with a variety of Military Standard and specialized connector tools, backshell assembly tools, braid termination tools and accessories. Our tool line includes connector wrenches and mini-strap wrenches, as well as universal connector holding tools for production use as well as field maintenance.

Glenair’s line of shield-termination banding products is the number one system in use today. Glenair manufactures many of the specialty tools used in high-reliability interconnect harness assembly. And we are distributors for a wide range of additional tooling from the industry’s other leading manufacturers. In the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the Nordic region, Glenair has built a reputation for providing turnkey interconnect tool kits and tooling service programs.

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Crimp Tools and Accessories

AS39029 QPL - Section E

Many of the contacts in this section utilize crimping technology to effect contact to wire termination. The non-mating end of a crimp contact (the wire barrel) is a hollow cylinder into which a stripped wire (conductor) is inserted. The sidewalls of the wire barrel are then mechanically compressed (uniformly deformed) using a crimping tool to captivate the stripped wire.

The crimped wire to contact termination can then be manually, or with the assistance of a handheld tool, clipped into place in the connector. The physical compression (deformation) of a contact barrel around a conductor in order to make an electrical connection must be accomplished in a proscribed and precise manner using the exact tools and accessories to achieve the desired gas tight crimp. This section of the book presents an organized inventory for all the tools and accessories necessary, including contact insertion and extraction tools, for the reliable termination and use of SAE-AS39029 and other industry standard crimp type contacts.

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2016 Authorization Letter

2016 Authorization Letter

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