Amphenol Pcd, a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of interconnect products for Military, Commercial Aerospace and Industrial applications. Located north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts, the company designs and manufactures a wide range of products - System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Rectangular & Circular connectors, and Cable Assemblies & Adapters

Featured Products

AS85049 Backshells

Amphenol offers the widest range of accessories for circular connectors conforming to most Military (MIL) specifications as well as Industrial standards.


  • AS85049 Backshells
  • Band Lock Adapter
  • Composite Backshells
  • Crimp Ring Adapter
  • Dust Caps
  • Environmental Backshells
  • Environmental EMI/RFI
  • Grommet Nut
  • Lamp Thread Adapter
  • Metal Flanges
  • Miniature Backshells
  • Non-Environmental Backshell
  • Non-Environmental EMI/RFI
  • Pre-Shield Adapter
  • Quick Clamp
  • SQ Adapter
  • Strain Relief Clamp

AS85049 Backshells Catalog

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AS85049 Backshells

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Rugged RJ45 Ethernet Connectors

Discover the RJ Field connector for harsh environment Ethernet applications. You can transform a standard existing RJ45 Cat5e cord-set into an environmental connector without any cabling operation or tools! Amphenol's rugged RJ45 connectors offers a wide range of solutions, ranging from reverse bayonet, push pull, bayonet, threaded and lever coupling configurations in both plastic and metal material, giving customers the flexibility of choosing the best solution for their application.


  • Circular metal shell
  • Thread coupling
  • Based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III
  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Marine bronze shell
  • NEW: Cat6 version


  • Circular metal shell
  • Bayonet coupling
  • Based on MIL-C-26482 series I


RJF RB Series

  • Circular composite shell
  • Reverse bayonet coupling

RJF 544 Series

  • Circular composite shell
  • Push pull coupling

RJF EZ Series

  • Rectangular composite shell
  • Lever coupling

RJF Field Cat6

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RJ Field - USB Field

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Rugged USB Solutions

Designed for harsh environments, our Rugged USB connectors allow you to use a standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cordset into a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids. Other USB solutions include USB cordsets and USB memory keys.


USB3 FTV Series

  • USB 3.0 / USB-A
  • Up to 5Gb/s for high speed USB
  • Based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III

Cables & Cordets

  • USB 3.0 cable
  • High reliability
  • Reinforced
  • Halogen free flame retardant


USB FTV Series

  • USB2.0 / USB-A
  • Up to 480 Mbps for high speed USB
  • Based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III

ATEX Zone 2

  • EN60079-15 standard: within Zone 2 and class I, Division 2, as low power non sparking connectors

Cables & Cordets

  • USB 2.0 cable
  • High reliability
  • Reinforced
  • Halogen free flame retardant


  • USB-B
  • Up to 480 Mbps for high speed USB
  • Based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III


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USB 3.0 Cordsets

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USB 2.0 Cordsets

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USB3FTV Memory Keys

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USB Memory Keys

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Mil-T-81714 Series I Terminal Junction Modules

Designed and qualified to MIL-T-81714, Amphenol Pcd’s Series 1 Terminal Junction Modules are robust, reliable, and always perform to the highest standards. They’re offered in various types and configurations — Feedback/Feedthru, Electronic, In-Line Splice, and Ground — and they use standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories are available, and customization is always an option for your particular requirement and/or application.


  • Mil-T-81714 Approved
  • M39029/1 contacts
  • Integral Socket/Bus Bar
  • Integral Contacts
  • Split Socket Design
  • Multiple product types
  • High Density Modules
  • Class D Module System
  • Electronic Systems

Mil-T-81714 Series I Catalog

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Mil-T-81714 Series 2 Terminal Junction Modules

Designed and qualified to MIL-T-81714, Amphenol Pcd’s Series 2 Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable, and always perform to the highest standards. They’re offered in various types and configurations — Feedback/Feedthru, Board Mount, Sealed Splice, and Ground — and they use standard M39029/22 socket contacts. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories are available, and customization is always an option for your particular requirement and/or application.


  • Mil-T-81714 Approved
  • M39029/22 contacts
  • Multiple product types
  • Feedback Modules
  • Distribution Modules
  • Ground Modules
  • Board Mount Pin Modules

Mil-T-81714 Series 2 Catalog

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MIL-C-55116 Military Audio Connectors

Amphenol Pcd’s 164 Series Audio Connectors are Mil qualified to MIL-C-55116, approved to the Indian Defense Standard Joint Services Specification JSS 50831 – which is certified by the Electronic Components Standardization Organization (LCSO), Bangalore, India. These connectors are intermateable with other MIL-C-55116 products in the market, are water resistant, and highly reliable.

MIL-C-55116 Catalog

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MIL-DTL-55181 Military Power Connectors

Mil qualified to MIL-DTL-55181, Amphenol Pcd’s Power Connectors are designed with a center lock coupling screw that enables the connector to withstand high shock and vibrations. They are also engineered with a waterproof and polarized design.

MIL-DTL-55181 Catalog

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MIL-PRF-12883 Relay Sockets

Amphenol Pcd Relay Sockets are manufactured to MIL-PRF-12883 specifications, plus specialized requirements, and are supplied in a broad range of military standard and special configurations and styles for 2 through 25 amp operations. Relay Sockets feature state of the art ultrasonically bonded interfaces between the dielectric components, which eliminate air paths and provide protection against moisture and degradation. The product line offers: Low Profile, Extended Height, Micro Miniature, Board Mount, Track Mount and Solder Termination relay sockets options.


  • Low profile-available in all military configurations; configured to a minimum size & weight & accept the MIL-C-39029/29 contact family
  • Extended profile allows for contact standardization; configured to accept the longer MIL-C-39029/5 contact
  • Socekts available with fixed or loose mounting studs; can be top or bottom mounted
  • Designed for MIL-C-39029 contacts; standardization simplifies product
  • Polarization in accordance with MIL Spec requirements; provided by specific contact configuration and/or polarizing pins

MMIL-PRF-12883 Catalog

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MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub Connectors

Qualified to MIL-DTL-24308, Amphenol’s D-Sub Connectors are subminiature rack & panel type connectors with polarized shells. They use pin & socket machined contacts that provide high reliability & density for the connectors. With its versatile design, these high-performance connectors are used in a variety of applications where weight & dimensions are critical factors.

MIL-DTL-24308 Catalog

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Ground Blocks

Combining advanced materials with an elegant design, Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks provide the lightest weight, highest density grounding solution available in the market today. Wired connections are environmentally-sealed, providing protection from moisture, spray, and debris. Unused connections are protected via Amphenol Pcd’s patented FODSeal Technology, which replaces the sealing plugs – reducing FOD, weight and part count. Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks are ideal for use in harsh environments typically found in aircraft, ground vehicle and naval applications.

Ground Blocks Catalog

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Luminus Series

The Luminus Series are lightweight, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use. With multiple configurations and arrangements available, a solution can be tailored to suite your application’s exact requirements. Proven solutions can be found in single engine general aviation, multiple-engine business and passenger jets, and high performance rotary aircraft. Ideal where space is limited, these innovative, “scoop-proof” connectors feature a locking mechanism that ensures stability, are suitable for blind-mating, and are RoHS compliant.


  • 1/4 turn bayonet style connection; push and snap connection
    Makes wire installation and maintenance easy and efficient; positive “click” when locked
  • Interfacial and Triple-Barrier Seal
    Enables environmental sealing (IP 67 rating)
  • Multiple Keying Positions
    Ensures proper connectivity
  • Multiple Configurations and Accessories
    Tailored solutions to meet application needs
  • Contacts
    AS39029 MIL Spec contacts for broad application compatibility. Stamped & Formed available as lower cost option
  • Visual markings
    Visual aid for easy assembly
  • Rugged Polyamide Housings; 500 mating cycles
  • Blind-Mate Connection
    Enables simple, blind mating; easy assembly
  • D160, M81714, FAR25 Compliance
    Meets demanding military-aerospace environmental conditions
  • Applications:
    Aerospace lighting, IFE, Instrumentation, Power & Signal Distribution, Actuation & Sensors, Soldier Communications, Military Aerospace - Rotorcraft, UAV’s, Interior/Exterior LED

Luminus Series Catalog

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62GB Mil-DTL-26482

This range of circular bayonet locking connectors offered by Amphenol is used across multiple markets and applications. Originally developed for Military Communications systems in harsh environments, the 62GB series is also widely used in Industrial applications such as water metering where robustness and reliability are critical.

Both 62GB and 162GB connectors are designed to be compliant with the Mil-DTL-26482 Series I specification. Amphenol Ltd also manufacture 602GB connectors in accordance with Mil-DTL-26482 Series II.

62GB connectors can accomodate a wide range of wire gauges from size 24AWG to size 8 AWG with current capacity up to 22amps. The gold plated contacts in this product series are designed to suit a solder termination however Amphenol also manufacture an equivalent series with crimp contacts; 162GB, if preferred.

Connector shells are machined from solid aluminium bar stock - not forged or extruded as in competitive designs, this ensues inherent strength to the connector housing. The Mil-DTL-26482 specification ensures these connectors can be reliably used in operating temperatures ranging from -55oC to +125oC.

Moisture sealing is achieved through a combination of multiple sealing grommets and o-rings to prevent moisture ingress and socket contacts have a closed face to eliminate damage from test probes and prevent mis-alignment. Hermetically sealed 62GB connectors are also available for immersion or high pressure environments.

The 62GB series is also available in specialist materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium Marine Bronze for specialist applications such as ship-borne environments. RoHS Black Zinc Nickel plating is also now available on these connectors.

A wide selection of accessories including caps, backshells and tooling are offered to suit 62GB connectors.

62GB Catalog

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Terrapin, SCE2

Intended for harsh environmental applications and used extensively in soldier communications, Terrapin is a miniature series of circular push-pull connectors. Within a rugged shell design Terrapin offers superior EMC performance and high environmental sealing to IP68. Resilient in severe battlefield situations the RoHS compliant black-silver plating is both low-luster and corrosion resistant. Featuring an optional locking mechanism, multiple shell sizes with up to 37 contacts and suitability for overmolding, Terrapin is the preferred choice for miniature connectors in military and other harsh environment applications.


  • Miniature footprint
  • Quick release breakaway
  • Latched version
  • Common plug connector
  • Sealed to IP68
  • RoHS compliant
  • 2000 + matings
  • Multiple keying options
  • Brass base metal
  • Black silver plating
  • Integral backshell
  • Gigabit ethernet and USB 2.0 compatible
  • Suitable for overmolding

Terrapin, SCE2 Catalog

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Terrapin, SCEP

The “SCEP” part number is assigned to a specific design of Terrapin connector which is not intermateable with the standard Terrapin product series. “SCEP” connectors feature a visual indicator to assist with key alignment during mating.

The “SCEP” series designator highlights that connectors bearing this part number are built to a different shell design to standard product. It is not possible to substitute standard Terrapin connectors with part numbers beginning “SCE2” in any BoM which calls up “SCEP” connectors. It is also not possible to mate connectors with part number “SCEP” to those beginning “SCE” or “SCE2”

Terrapin, SCEP Catalog

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